Reaper Hellfire Shotguns with Pachimari Toy combo!

This is Reaper Hellfire shotgun props and Reaper Pachimari plush toy inspired by Overwatch combo. We can paint the guns in any skin color. Please, choose in options what skin you would like to have. Each skin model will be same as the model in the game (legendary skins). Can be used as a part of Reaper costume if you want to make impressive Reaper cosplay.

Those shotguns are made of plastic, well sanded, hand painted with acrylic paint and has glossy / satin finish, so the paint could remain as long as possible. Nice item for Reaper cosplay.
2 Reaper shotguns come with Reaper Pachimari plush toy. 

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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New, made to order.

Dimensions of original (M size) are:
Length: 47,5 cm Width: 6,5 cm Height: 19,5 cm
On the photo it is M size.
Bigger (L size + 20%)
Length: 57 cm Width: 8 cm Height: 23,5 cm

Time to produce: 10-20 days.

Shipping time: 12-24 days.

We are responsible for any loss or damage during the transit.

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Additional information

Choose your set:

Set of 2 guns M size, Set of 2 guns L size

Choose your skin:

Classic, Blood, Midnight, Moss, Royal, Desert, Wight, Shiver, Nevermore, Plague Doctor, El Blanco, Mariachi, Blackwatch Reyes, Pumpkin, Golden


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