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DesignedBy Cosplay Prop Store. Here you can find high-quality cosplay props made of human-friendly materials specially for you. Our main specialization is making of Star Wars Props, Destiny Props and Overwatch props, but also we can create any kind of custom order from your favorite game or movies. To find out the price and details on cosplay commission order, just contact us through commissions page

Custom orders and commissions

Our team can do almost everything you would like to have. Please, message us in Commissions form and don’t forget to include a picture. We will contact you asap with all information regarding your request.

Safe purchase and shipping!

Purchase with PayPal is easy and safe way. We pack our items very good, as we are responsible for 100% delivery of the package to our customers.

Awesome items

Our team – is a team of experienced people, who really love their work. That is why we do our items with imagination, as we would do it for ourselves. Each small detail should be perfect – that is what we try to achieve when we create each new thing.

High quality materials

We use high quality materials: human-friendly plastic, cloth, EVA, paint. Our 3d printers brand is top 3 3d printer brand rated by 3dHub for last 3 years. Our goal – to make items worth of every penny.

Cosplay prop store

People who play games. Cosplay – what is it? How often did you want to be “in the shoes” of your favorite hero of the movie, TV-series or comics? And try on yourself as an image of a Disney character from childhood, or, perhaps, long ago shelved manga about a beautiful warrior? More than twenty years ago the excellent solution for such desires has been created. Cosplay is the embodiment of a dream come true, a fairy tale in reality, a journey to another world without a spacesuit. Wikipedia says us that “CosPlay is a costume game”, but is it just the kind of “game” in fact? Completely adult serious people around the world are searching for the best cosplay prop store and spend an incredible amount of energy, money and time purchasing the different cosplay props or creating them by their own only to “play” the game? As a rule, realizing unrealistic projects that seems to be unreal, cosplayers learn to think outside the box, developing their own, specific laws. All cosplayers, even beginners, store in their hearts that cherished “flame” that distinguishes them from the “gray mass” of other people. Surprisingly, even without any basic skills, over time this hobby helps to develop a whole bunch of skills that will find a successful application in everyday life. The sphere of cosplay covers not only the Japanese manga and anime that come to mind immediately, but is also reflected in:

  • various games,
  • comics,
  • films,
  • TV- series
  • books.

Cosplay props

Cosplay prop storeDifficulties of the hobby. The most difficult thing in cosplay is cosplay props, that often have to be ordered from abroad, which is really not so cheap. This is problematic, because even such a pleasant aspect, as a hobby, is clouded by material difficulties. You can also purchase such goods in a cosplay prop store, but it is also a very limited number of such good places where you can find really worthy cosplay props for sale. Our website offers you a wide choice of various 3D printing props that differ from others by their quality and price. Here you can find all props that you need to create your new cosplay image, about which you have dreamed of for so long. We offer you a great variety of of weapons, costumes, helmets and many other cosplay props for sale. Thanks to the newest technology of 3D printing we are able to create in the shortest time periods any 3D printing props of any item you show us. Don’t be limited, we will make all your dreams come true!