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We gladly do it for you. Any types of armors, helmets, props and replicas, ancient weapons and futuristic blasters are not a problem for us. Please, fill a form with all info and don’t forget to add good photos, so we could give you an exact price!

What our cosplay studio can do?

Weapon replicas

Futuristic and ancient costumes

Helmets and capes

Armor parts, staffs, swords and shields

Any other unique items

In our cosplay shop you can find a best working team to create an item for you. It works quite simple, fill a commission form and show us pictures of the item you wish to have. We discuss prices, timeframe and materials. After the order is placed, we start our produciton. Besides, good to know, that we accept payment plans. Our team always try to do best for our customers, so feel free to contact us and ask any questions you need! Thank you.

We make everything. Commissions for any props and costumes you want. Not so simple. From the first view cosplay seems to be a harmless hobby without any efforts and time spending. You may think “What can be so difficult to by the costume in the nearest specialized shop and go to festival?” People who think this way have never tried this by their own. In the real life both experienced cosplayers and beginners suffers from the lack of good shops with the worthy props for cosplay. We say “worthy” because it is almost shameful to go out in the “Chinese- quality” costume with the parts that come unstuck and faded colors. The next problem is that in good shops may not be the costume you want and you will have to change your image for the available one, or to surf the Internet searching for example for the necessary destiny cosplay costumes for sale. Not very good scenario, yeah? So, what to do in such situation? Custom cosplay goods will help you. CosplayMake anything you want. A lot of cosplayers all over the world cope with the problem of permanent lacking of the needed staff by creating it by their own. Of course you can be one of them and also do it by your own. The sewing machine from the snarling beast can turn into a good friend, you will already know how to wipe the paint, what glue is suitable for which materials and so on. But there is a one disadvantage of this – time. This process consumes a lot of energy and time. To save your efforts and time our website offers you cosplay prop commissions. It means that you are able to send us the desired item it can be a
  • weapon,
  • costume,
  • helmet
  • or other goods
and we will make a qualitative of it as soon as it’s possible. Basing on the positive reviews from our users, cosplay commissions have saved a lot of despaired cosplayers’ souls. With our custom cosplay props you can be sure that your image will be unique and all its parts will be the high quality. Cosplay commissions available on our website will distinguish you from the crowd and help you to implement all your desires into reality. All you have to do to get your unique item and use our service of cosplay prop commissions is to send us the photo of the desired weapon or costume. If you don’t have photo of it, orc for some reasons can’t send it to us – just try to describe it in detail and we will do our best. Destiny cosplay costumes for sale, various elements of weapon and helmets are currently available on our website, so please check whether we have the necessary item already available or not before making an order. Cosplay as a lifestyle. Cosplay has never been a usual hobby similar to all others such as reading, dancing or embroidering. This is something special, this is a lifestyle. It unites a great number of people of all ages and professions into one huge and friendly family who live in its own unique and unusual world. Nowadays there are a lot of special festivals and gatherings for people who can’t imagine their life without cosplay and want to discuss it and just have fun with other people who think exactly the same way. Genuine cosplayers start to prepare for such gatherings and meetings much in advance to prepare a great look and surprise everyone with the unique and interesting costume. But is it as simple as it looks like? Unfortunately, not. How to look great and not to become crazy while preparing? Of course, we all are different and what is I great problem for one of use, can be a simple task for half an hour for another. Anyway, preparing cosplay costume and especially accessories for festival or meeting has never been easy. Even nowadays, when you can order everything on the Internet in case if you didn’t find the necessary item in a special shop, nine of ten cosplayers will tell you that it is super time-consuming and nervous process. In the majority of cases when you finally decided who will be your character to cosplay this year, after several sleepless nights when you carefully thought out each detail of your future costume you face with the harsh reality. And in this reality in the best case, you can find costume vaguely reminiscent of your ‘ideal look’. And yes, almost always with the “Made in China” label. Not a happy end of your plans for the festival, right? The one way to look great and not to become crazy while preparing is to order cosplay commissions. Let’s consider in details how it works. Panic away, we are ready to help you! So, to get exactly that costume which you successfully created in your fantasy you have to do several simple steps. To use our cosplay commission service, you should: First of all, you should send us a photo of the character you want to cosplay; If you don’t have a photo or think that it isn’t similar to the look you want, you can describe us everything in details or draw it; After you made an order we will contact you to discuss all the details of the cosplay commission; Then you wait a bit…and Look amazing in the next festival in the costume of your dream! We make everything. The more information we have about your desired look, the better it will be in the end. You can order everything that you want and shouldn’t worry that accessories or some costume details will be too hard to implement. With the cosplay commission service of our company, you will be able to look great at the next gathering without weeks of worrying, panic, and disappointment before. Take the best of your hobby and enjoy every moment of your life with the high-end cosplay commissions! Fast, qualitatively and brightly, we are always ready to help you!