Star Wars

Hey! Searching for some Star Wars blasters, guns, detonators and costumes? Find big variety of blasters and guns, replicas and detonators, holsters and helmets in our Star Wars prop shop. If you would like to have something we are not selling – contact us, we can do commissions, custom orders and another Star Wars memorabilia.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

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Star Wars cosplay store

Star Wars cosplay store

Star Wars cosplay. Stay unique with our props. Piece of the legend.Nowadays you will not find a person who have not ever heard about such famous saga as Star Wars. Everyone knows at least a bit about this legendary story and every second of use watch it. Today there are so many fans of this story that it is quite hard to create something special and not banal when speaking about cosplay of the Star Wars. If you decided to be a personage from this world famous saga at your next festival, you can go to the nearest Star Wars cosplay store and buy there everything you want. Yeah, if only it would be so easy! Such way of thinking is common for people who have never done cosplay and have no idea about choosing the necessary elements for the image. You can find the necessary items of weapon or costume in online-shops, but as a rule it is the “Chinese-quality” options which look cheap and as a rule are not very qualitative and durable. To stand out from the crowd and make your Star Wars image finished and cool-looking we recommend you to purchase only good high-quality options which look similar to the original ones and are durable enough. Exactly such kind of weapon from the world known films you are able to find on our website.

What can you offer me?Our online store offers you Star Wars props and the best quality. We have a wide choice of various guns, holsters, detonators, blasters and helmets for every taste. In our Star Wars cosplay store you can find such legendary options as:

  • DH-17 blaster
  • EE-3 Boba Fett blaster
  • F-11D Captain Phasma Blaster
  • Shadow trooper helmet

And many others. Our stuff for cosplay differs from the similar products offered by other online and local stores by its quality and price. The price tag of the majority ofStar Wars props and presented on our website differ by their affordable price tag.