EE-3 Boba Fett Blaster

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This is EE-3 Boba Fett blaster prop inspired by Star Wars. Used by Boba Fett in Star Wars movie and Battlefront game.

EE-3 blaster is made of plastic, well sanded, hand painted with acrylic paint and has glossy / satin finish, so the paint could remain as long as possible.

Nice item for Star Wars cosplay.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.

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New, made to order.

Dimensions are: 87 cm length

Time to produce: 10-20 days.

Shipping time: 12-24 days.

We are responsible for any loss or damage during the transit.

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Dimensions87 cm

1 review for EE-3 Boba Fett Blaster

  1. Joe Grober

    This blaster is incredible! The seller is very helpful and answers all my questions.

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Boba Fett blaster

Boba Fett blaster

Weapon from the Star Wars. Meet the Boba Fett’s blaster!A bit about the hero.The faceless murderer Boba Fett, dressed in mandalorian armor made to order, instilled fear into the hearts of fugitives. The legendary bounty hunter worked for both the Empire and the bosses of the underworld. Boba spoke little and exclusively on the case, and was extremely dangerous. Fett carefully guarded the veil of secrecy around his origin and past. In fact, he was a clone, an exact genetic copy of the "father" - Jango Fett. Django taught his son survival and hand-to-hand combat skills. As a boy, Boba learned to skillfully shoot a blaster and a laser cannon. Since Jango Fett was killed by the sword of Jedi Knight Mace Windu, Boba harbored deep hatred of the Order and all his allies in the heart. One of the main weapon of this hero was blaster.

What you can find here.On this website you can find a high-end Boba Fett blaster made of a durable plastic by using of the technology of 3D printing. With such prop you can excellently complement your Boba Fett’s cosplay image and look awesome on the cosplayers festival. The Boba Fett blaster is worth your attention because:

  • it’s cheap
  • it looks cool
  • it’s identical to the real one
  • it’s made of the qualitative and durable materials.

If you decided to choose this hero for cosplaying, you will not find better Boba Fett blaster available nowadays.