EE-3 boba fett blaster from Star Wars


We are props and cosplay studio.

We can do any kind of cosplay items if you show us a picture of it 🙂
It requires a lot of work and experience to create a good, detailed thing.

First of all, we need to create a model of the item. Let’s say, we want a blaster from Star Wars.
We find references and try to do exact model in 3D programs, such as Maya, Blender and Zbrush. After the model is done, we check it , so it could be as screen accurate as possible.

3D printing

After the model is finished, we cut it into pieces for better 3D printing.

We use one of the best brands of 3D printers, rated by 3Dhub. We print only PLA plastic as it has better quality, non-chemical and friendly to human plastic.

Next step is assembling and sanding.

We do sanding work as we want our items to look smooth, have nice good shapes!

We use different tools from a hardware store, all these items help us to make good looking parts.  Assembling takes a lot of time, as all parts should be glued good, as we don’t want the item fall apart 😀

It’s quite boring and long process, but after items look great!

EE-3 boba fett prop

Paint work.

And the last step is paint work. Our best-experienced painter does painting work very carefully and accurately.  We use acrylic paint and after it is dry enough we do several layers of glossy / satin / matte finish. Depending on the item.

We use airbrushed for painting, but most details can not be painted with airbrush, so it has been hand painted with a usual brush. This requires a lot of effort and technic to make all details look good.

We also do costumes, helmets, staffs, headsets, wings and other items. Mostly, all durable parts are 3d printed, but to do big things not so heavy, we can use other materials, such as EVA foam, worbla and other.

So if you would like to have something special, we are not selling, just contact us!

Thank you and have a great time!