Destiny Ghost Shell Replicas. 3D printed, painted and assembled. Pick up your Ghost from the variety of them in our cosplay shop: Competitive Ghost, Foundry Ghost, Iron Banner, Iron Song etc. cetera.


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Destiny ghost prop

Destiny ghost prop

Find your Destiny Ghost for the next cosplay here.Destiny game.Destiny is a sci-fi network shooter in the first person, whose action takes place in the distant future. This game has achieved a great popularity during last several years and you will hardy find a person nowadays who didn’t hear about it or didn’t try to play it. The story of the game begins with a beautiful video in which the first people who landed on the surface of Mars come into contact with a mysterious giant intelligent sphere that calls itself the Wanderer. The traveler turns out to be a very friendly creature, so he shares with people new technologies and his centuries-old wisdom. Thanks to this, mankind makes a quick breakthrough in its development and begins to actively colonize the planets of the solar system.

Ghost.Each guard has a personal levitating robot-assistant, which in everyday life is called "Ghosts". Inside the Ghosts is part of the energy of the Wanderer, so that, in fact, any Ghost is a way of remote communication with the mind of the main defender of mankind. Our website offers you destiny ghost prop for your next cosplay image. Destiny ghost that you will find here will become a great addition to your costume and stands you out of the crowd. Among the available options you can find:

  • Destiny Ghost last city shell
  • Full-sized Ghost competitive shell
  • Full-sized Ghost consumed shell
  • Full-sized Ghost foundry shell

Destiny ghost

And many other options, all of that looks excellent, are completely similar to items from the game and will attract you with their price tag. If you want to find something special, the destiny ghost will be an excellent choice.

Each destiny ghost prop which is available on our website is made of the high quality materials and looks absolutely the same as ghosts in the game. Whichever one you choose, it will make your whole image finished and unique.