Hawkmoon with LED’s.

This is Hawkmoon hand cannon inspired byDestiny in its original ornament. This gun is 3D printed of PLA plastic (human-friendly material), assembled and sanded, hand painted with acrylic paint and varnished with a satin/glossy finish, so the paint could remain as long as possible. This gun has movable cylinder and a bullet inside. Has LED option. We use 9V battery, which you can easily change if it’s low. We offer a stand in Siva style. If you want to change color – no problem. Just let us know. We can also do Carrion or Moonglow ornaments. We offer a stand in Siva style here

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you 😉

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New, made to order.

Dimensions of the Hawkmoon are: 39 cm length, 5.5 cm width, 18.5 cm height

Time to produce: 5-15 days.

Shipping time: 12-24 days.

We are responsible for any loss or damage during the transit.

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Additional information

Dimensions39 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm

Original, Carrion, Moonglow


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Hawkmoon prop

Hawkmoon prop

Destiny TOP weapon. Meet the Hawkmoon.Exotic weapon.The legendary Hawkmoon from the popular Destiny game is one of the most desirable weapon for all gamers. Armed with improved accuracy when aiming from general revolver changes, Hawkmoon soared high above the pack when the new weapons were tested. So high that all the other revolvers were dimmed in comparison with it, regardless of activity, and so it was necessary to prune its wings. Hawkmoon still hurts, still has the largest of all revolvers shop and still can kill for 2 shots at the Crucible on a happy occasion. We offer you for purchasing a top-notch hawkmoon prop which is as cool as the real one in the game. This option is equipped with LED lighting and batteries and made of the tough plastic. Also on our website while purchasing the hawkmoon prop you are able to:

  • choose another color o