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McCree cosplay for sale

McCree cosplay for sale

Choose the McCree for your next cosplay image!A bit about the character.One of the main characters of the Overwatch game is McCree. Armed with a revolver called "Peacemaker", McCrea fight his enemies with deadly accuracy and quickly escapes from his pursuers. McCrea fires a bullet from his favorite six-shot revolver. He can also clamp the trigger of the "Peacemaker" to quickly discharge the entire drum. Among the main features of this personage are:

  • Somersault. Makkri makes a somersault in the direction of movement, while simultaneously recharging the "Peacemaker".
  • Grenade. McCree throws a grenade that explodes after a while. Explosion of the grenade stuns nearby enemies.

Cosplay.If this guy is your favorite personage of the Overwatch game and you want to cosplay its image the next time, here you have an excellent opportunity to select all the necessary stuff for it. We offer you McCree cosplay for sale at a very attractive prices and with the good quality of all the details. In our kit of the McCree cosplay for sale you will find the McCree Peacekeeper revolver and McCree flashbang grenades. All options presented on our website, and McCree cosplay for sale as well, are made by 3D printing. Such technology reduces the price and allows to achieve the excellent design of all details, which is exactly the same as in the game.