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Cosplay for sale

Cosplay for sale

Create your unique Mercy image!Dream about being a wonderful valkyrie? Easy!Probably almost every cosplay girl who is a fan of the popular Overwatch game has dreamed at least once to become a Mercy with all its wonderful outfit, beautiful wings and caduceus. Now these dreams can be easily turned into reality with our wide choice of all necessary details of Mercy cosplay for sale. The CADUCEUS is one of the main details of the Mercy’s image. With it angel activates one of the two rays that connects her with the ally. Using the rays, she can restore his health or strengthen the damage caused to them. Among offered details of this character image available on our website you will find different caduceus at a very attractive price. From now you don’t have to surf the Internet searching for the good stuff for cosplay anymore, everything can be found on our website. We also offer you for purchasing different types of famous Mercy wings for sale, so all you have to do is to choose the most suitable ones to your costume. We create the unique details of the costumes of famous characters from the well-known games, so it is fully guaranteed that your costume and all its details will be unique and qualitative.

Mercy wings for sale

What else for Mercy image?The “strong side” of our website is a choice of weapon. We make high-end of all popular elements of weapon and they are absolutely similar to the originals in the games or films. So, the weapon item is one thing you can be absolutely sure that you will find it here. According to the game, Mercy character dressed in a special suit "Valkyrie" is always there when a friend needs healing. With the help of her caduceus she heals, resurrects and strengthens the strength of her companions. We have already mentioned the choice of caduceus among our available mercy stuff for sale, but it is not the one thing which you can find here. We also offer the fans of this game such items as blasters that are the secondary weapon for this personage. If you didn’t find the necessary detail among our choice of the mercy cosplay for sale, don’t despair, in such case you need to do the following steps:

  • Send us via email the photo of the desired item which is not available in our assortment of the mercy stuff for sale
  • If you don’t have photo, describe it in words
  • Wait a bit
  • Get the result in the shortest time period

We do our best to help you create an unforgettable cosplay of your favorite hero, so you can be absolutely sure, that you can find here everything you want. And we can make you sure that, for example, the mercy wings for sale that you will find here, will make your image excellent as well as other details of the Mercy costume.