Dva Cosplay Props

D.va props

D.va props

Choose the D.VA accessories for your next cosplay here.A bit about the personage.Mecha D.Va combines power and mobility. It is equipped with two automatic atom guns for close combat and can also overcome obstacles and fly over enemies with the help of accelerators. With the help of a protective matrix D.Va knocks down the projectiles flying into it. Outside her own bellows, D.Va can continue the fight by using an automatic blaster with medium range. D.Va can for a short time use a complex of active protection of the front hemisphere to bring down the projectiles flying into it.

Cosplay stuff.If your choice for the next cosplay festival was to become a D.Va, then you are lucky. Our online store offers you d va props whichcan’t leave you indifferent. Here you can find:

  • D.Va Light Gun Cruiser Skin
  • D.Va Light Gun
  • D.Va Light Gun Legendary Skin

Also among offered d va props you can choose the various D.Va headsets. If you need something and didn’t find it here, just send us the photo and we will make everything you need and replenish our d va props collection with new items.