Tracer cosplay for sale

Tracer cosplay for sale

Turn into your favorite personage without any efforts. 3D weapon for cosplaying.Wanna be a Tracer?

Tracer is armed with two rapid-fire pistols, impulse bombs and a sparkling sense of humor. Among the main features of this character are:

  • LEAP. Tracer moves instantly in space in a horizontal plane in the direction of motion and appears a few meters from the original point.
  • RETURN. Tracer moves back in time, moving to the point on the map where it was a few seconds ago, and regaining its health and ammunition at that time.
  • THE IMPULSE BOMB. Tracer throws a large bomb that attaches to any surface or enemy when hit. In a moment, the bomb explodes, causing considerable damage to all enemies in the area of defeat.

The main weapon of this character is PULSE GUNS. Tracer shoots both quick-fire pistols to fight her enemies.

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